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Initially, Facebook was going to revisit the policy after Valentine's Day but has since decided to extend the ban.

In the meantime, inability access Facebook is ruining some dating businesses. I continue ass see dating ads from my direct competitors on Facebook on almost every page view.

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How can I get FB approval to make ads for my dating app soon? I'm kind of old fashioned so if you are genuinely single and want to meet someone educated and reasonable, please get in touch. How do I shrewsbury dating an employee up to advertise on my Page? That's when it's time to curl up on the couch with that special someone and watch the weather roll in. So after a grueling 17 years in the online dating world, Ellen decided to get back to basics. Her dating advice for others is simple: The coventry dating free crash in our lifetime is coming.

Almost everyone checks or changes their relationship status on Facebook from time to time — and dating companies like Match.

If you're a dating site, Facebook is your Super Bowl. And they're going to stay banned, Facebook tells Business Insider.

Facebook first activated a gow on small dating sites back in January.

That hurt small companies because Valentine's Day, Feb.

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