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He decided what nights of the week we could see each other: on the other nights, he was free to see other women while I was not free to see other men.

He told me that he was small and funny looking and that he needed female attention.

It was loose and flowing, but with big shoulder pads.

My ,000-a-year fellowship, newly taxable under Ronald Reagan’s tax reform, was not really enough to live on, but I spent quite a bit of it on clothes and clubs anyway. Mary Anne nursed Paul when he was ill with AIDS-related diseases. Rising art star Sophie Calle made me her best friend for a few months and took me all over town while she tirelessly hustled her work and climbed the ladder of fame.

IN 1988, I slept behind a curtain in the living room of a one bedroom apartment on Third Avenue and 16th Street. On line at Nell’s, the club on 14th Street, we were always waved in by the bouncers while the rest of the crowd had to wait behind the velvet rope.

My roommate was an aspiring actress: she found the apartment so she got the bedroom. I was in my second year of course work headed toward a Ph D in French at the Graduate Center.

I had the keys to his loft and sometimes we spent the night together in the Central Park South apartment he inherited from his first wife.

I caught the Jitney on the East Side on Thursday afternoon and arrived in East Hampton to watch the sun set in gray and pink glory over Eastern Long Island. He knew I loved the ocean so when we were headed back to the city, he would stop at a beach in Sagaponack and I would run out for one last dive into the water and change into dry clothes furtively in the back of his car, parked behind the dunes.

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When Australian critic Paul Taylor recruited me to write art reviews for , I jumped at the chance.I was going to show him that he didn’t need girlies any more!