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See the Data Quality chapter for information on how to define such validation rules.When you have corrected any erroneous values and are done with the form the recommended practice is to click on the Complete button below the form to register the form as complete.If you want to delete a data value completely, you should select the value of interest, and press "Delete" on your keyboard.If you enter a zero and the data element has been configured to not store zeros, the previous data value (i.e.

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Data can be entered and stored locally while being off-line and uploaded to the central server when on-line.The audit trail shows when the data value was altered along with which user made the changes.If you wish to enter data which has already been entered, simply replace the data entry value with the update values.Job Title: Order Entry Support Job Location: Lower Manhattan New York City Contract Duration: 4 months The Order Entry Support will be assisting the Order to Cash team during a new system implementation/go live.

Primary duties and responsibilities include entering/validating contractual billing and revenue information into the accounting system as well as creating project budgets within the T&E system.

In the data history window there is also a feature to tag or star a value. a suspicious value that needs further investigation can be kept in the system, but marked for Follow-Up.