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He lived north of me, but was going to be in San Diego for work the following week, and wanted to know if I wanted to go out?His emails, while a little disjointed, clearly showed how active he was, and how hard he worked for a large…clothing company.* He called the night before he would be in town and insisted we would have a great time, he may have even used “unforgettable” to describe how amazing our date would be.Instead, there was just the two of us and a few giggling girls somewhere in the distance.The Caped Crusader belted out his song about the moon and the sky above, and how he was searching high and low for love.

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He talked about his parents not being able to handle him and his energy, his younger sister who looked up to him, and his remaining grandparents who were old and wanted to see him settled down.“Yes, yes, that’s best.” His legs jiggled under the table and his body couldn’t stop moving while we waited for the check to come back so we could leave.Pity suddenly swept over me as I watched his excitement.Luckily that pity lasted only until a few minutes later when he hushed me for trying to ask him about his career in music videos.At my house, I greedily decided to keep the things he had brought, since I’d essentially just paid for them by paying the entire check.

I won’t lie, I totally wanted to see the DVD and his street-corner dancing.The next night we connected and I suggested a restaurant along the harbor since he preferred “healthy” and “seafood”.

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What about …Now, this outlandish strategy works best on a woman who is seeking a little bit of a bad-boy, so if that’s not your style, try doing this…The Well-Punctuated Headline Though the ideas above were all a little “out-there,” they all had one thing in common: the ellipses.… continue reading »

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