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, an upbeat and heartfelt rallying cry for creators of all stripes.Based on his series of popular essays, this tiny and creative handwritten book offers up wisdom and empathy from one creative that applies to the rest of us.The Nokia Steel HR is a great combination of a fitness tracker and classic timepiece, allowing users to get the most up-to-date health tracking information including 24/7 heart rate monitoring without compromising on style.Bonus: Steel HR boasts the longest battery of any heart rate tracker on the market.But, people living with HIV might want to upgrade to 23 and Me's Health Ancestry Kit, which looks also at your genetic health and tells you what you're more or less likely to experience in terms of many health conditions, from lactose intolerance to Alzheimer and cancer. These Jew Jitsu socks are the perfect gift for those with a duel black belt in karate and latke frying.

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For the holidays, it also comes in a limited edition set, which includes the Sleep Mist, a Calm book and a 1-year subscription to the app.

Stocking stuffers that are healthy are kind of awesome.

What's cool about Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth by Dr.

His other t-shirts, including those with the signature Mr.

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Friendly logo face, are great ways to bust HIV stigma.But that could all change once in a matter of months – as Irn Bru’s recipe is planned to go through a shake-up.