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29-Oct-2017 10:30

The basics to the service (picking a name, a photo, an age, etc) are free.If you want to take things any further, it’ll cost you.Chatbots are not new; they're almost as old as the Internet itself.But suddenly, amidst an infinite amount of flashy, niche social apps, the humble bot-texting-app has become trendy. air to it, but the comfort of those green and blue bubbles does something to offset the absurdity of it.we are, the more we are all just pixels on a screen.And we crave more pixels, pixels talking to us, responding to us, acknowledging us—as often as possible.“It’s just a reality that social life is moving through screens,” says Eric Klinenberg, director of the Institute for Public Knowledge at NYU and the author of .

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For whatever reason, tweeting with @tofu_product feels strangely familiar.And the responses are fast—sometimes too fast for Twitter’s rate limits.When that happens, @tofu_product gets temporarily banned from posting tweets, also known as “getting thrown in Twitter jail.” (He's a little quieter now, so he managers to stay out of "jail.")Toscano says he’s been approached by companies to develop @tofu_product into an algorithm that analyzes the sentiments in peoples’ Twitter feeds, but he’d rather it remain just a fun side project.He says he may eventually open-source the reply-generation algorithm, but that may have its drawbacks.“Only having one tofu around makes him kind of a novelty, which is fun,” says Toscano.

“People tend to talk to tofu for about five to 10 messages, and then they leave him be...There have been people who have talked to him at great lengths, though, sometimes for hours and hours, spanning hundreds of tweets.