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27-Nov-2017 13:33

You can dispute someone's philosophy much more easily than you can his/her feelings.

As long as we are discussing our preferences, there is room for compromise and resolution. People often mistakenly assume that their feelings are universal.

Here are the pics from Shawn Oakman's 2013 domestic violence case -- which show the injuries he allegedly inflicted on his then-girlfriend ... The accuser filed a police report at the time claiming Oakman roughed her up inside an apartment in January 2013 -- causing bruises on her arms and lips.

Despite brutal allegations that the 6'8" 275 pounder shoved her into a brick wall and cabinets and called her horrible names, she never pressed charged against Oakman.

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Although it is quite prevalent, kitchen sinking is extremely counterproductive for a number of reasons.Whenever I have brought this up in the past and you opposed it, I felt disappointed in you.For me, giving to our children is like giving to myself.Attacks tend to begin with "you" statements, such as "You are? Sarah felt that her husband, Zev, was very stingy about giving monetary gifts to their married children.

She felt he was selfish when he insisted that he wanted to keep his money for himself.

As for Baylor's role -- it's unclear if he was disciplined by the school ...