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From the time he was born his family knew he was destine for greatness.

Being the baby of his family, Erskine wanted to follow in the footsteps of his big time football star cousins. He knew right then and there that he would be doing this for the rest of his life.

Erskine had 2 back to back injuries to where he couldn't play at all his junior or senior season due to tearing every ligament in his knee (Jr Year) and tearing his labrum in his shoulder (Sr. He was so devastated that he could not understand why this would happen to him, but it was because he started to put all his eggs into one basket.

Previous Theatre credits include the title roles in "The Tragedy of Abraham Lincoln" (New York) and "Frankenstein" (London), George Gibbs in "Our Town", Tybalt in "Romeo & Juliet", Lord Byron in "Bloody Poetry", Tom in "The Water Babies" and many more besides.Justin has been described in print by the late actress Ingrid Pitt as having "Star Quality" and press reviews of some of Justin's theatre work include descriptions as "Outstanding Performance" (as Abraham Lincoln) and "Mezmerizing" (as the mountaineer George Mallory in the original stage play "Eternal Equinox").. nominated score to The Walking Dead has eclipsed much of his earlier work and has shown him to be a composer of tremendous versatility.