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He looked into my eyes, and within seconds, he thrust into me.I let out a loud moan, feeling his member fill me up.I looked straight into his eyes and told him I was ready for him to fuck me.

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Hearing the demand caused him to push in and out quickly, eagerly, knowing that he needed this now, even though he may not have wanted it to happen so quickly.

He continued to fuck me hard, alternating fast and slow thrusts.

He then arranged his body perpendicular so that it was if his cock felt like my dildo was fucking me, with my legs over his hips.

That thought raced through my mind and I immediately put my clit on lock down. I can control my orgasms better than most people that I knew.

I have asked permission from my Master earlier in the week before he left for his trip. Since I wasn't allowed to cum, I had already put my mind at rest that cumming would not be happening this evening until later tonight.

I moaned and groaned with each push, squeezing my cunt muscles as hard as I could, all the while screaming in pleasure and squirting all over his cock and balls.