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17-Oct-2017 11:56

Sorry J, but I think this might be a little bit more believable…

It is essential when taking on a puppy, you learn the likely characteristics of your chosen breed.

And at it very core, it’s about people just, y’know, helping people out.

And that my friends, restores my faith in the human race.

With pedigree dogs you can predict how big your dog will grow, its exercise and grooming needs, as well as important tests your breeder should have carried out for its health.

Caroline added: “The speed dating pop up gave a taster of different breeds, showing the puppy and what it would look like as it gets older, in our speed dating challenge.

In case you need persuading, here’s some very good reasons why dogs are ace: – Dogs are always happy to see you. Like going out on walks and taking him to the groomers. Both borrower and borrowees create a profile and pay a yearly fee (£9.99 for a borrower, £44.99 for a borrowee) and then they match you up with local dog owners. In return I get the company of a dog with zero pressures of having a dog full time.

I rewrote my bio about 10 times and searched for a perfect profile photo that said Profile submitted and fee paid, I was then able to see all the dog owners in my area that were looking for a borrower.

For one, most dog owners have an innate desire to give and receive love, after all that is the greatest draw to having a dog.