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10-Oct-2017 23:04

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When it comes to antique sterling silver flatware, age is not everything.

For example, much of the flatware from the Victorian and Edwardian eras were mass-produced.

BELOW, notice that they started showing the different marks on FLATWARE and HOLLOW WARE.

Peterson buys sterling silver bands annually by the thousands and sends them to the essayers office in Dublin to be essayed and hall marked.

Really, this ring could have been made a few weeks ago – or a hundred years ago.

However, what concerns me is that the seller is selling the ring as an Art Nouveau ring without any defining reason why it is believed that the ring is from the Art Nouveau period.

notice the hallmark at the bottom of the page above.

A piece of flatware’s pattern and maker are generally more important than its age. And if the seller cannot provide any additional info about the ring, and if the seller is lacking any identifying information biographical information (for example, the seller’s experience or knowledge as an antique dealer) and if the ring does not come with a refund policy – then it would probably be wise to pass on this one. Suzanne Everything Wedding Rings I also have a ring from my grandmother that is stamped sterling and Orlando. Thanks for the info, and if you find out anything about the ring in the future do write again!Do write back if you have any additional questions – or if you find out any more info about the ring (I’m particularly intrigued about the ‘Orlando’ stamp! During the Art Nouveau period, Orlando was barely a town – while it became a popular resort town in the 1900s, during 1875 less than 100 residents lived there.

It just doesn’t seem likely that an Art Nouveau ring would have been crafted in Orlando at that time – and certainly not mass produced.Should you wish to read more on the history of the Irish, I recommend "The Story of the Irish Race" by Seumas Mac Manus who gives a very vivid, and near as we can tell, an accurate portrayal of their history.

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