Dating emotional connection

03-Aug-2017 23:55

the realization that you’re watching precious seconds of your life drain away and you’ll never recover them.

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Physical desire is all well and good, but for true chemistry, you need more than just sexual attraction.We are drawn to passion in others because it kindles our own emotions.Passionate people have a about them and when they can talk about the things they are passionate about, it’s hard not to get caught up in their emotional rhythm.A guy who can entertain a woman and make her laugh is someone who can get an emotional reaction out of her.

Now getting a reaction out of someone is pretty simple – act like a giant cock and you’ll get them to respond to you.

Her trick is that she immediately shows that she’s interested in hearing what they have to say about any topic that comes up by asking questions, then using answers as a springboard to getting deeper into what they think.