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Has anyone else noticed a great difference from one purchase (or batch) to the next? Re-tested in June 2017: You should always re-test your fragrances. Warm boozy alcoholic amaretto, resins, woods, flowers, and, again, something dry, herby and almost bitter. There have been many comments about how this sweet aroma is unisex.Occasionally I can even smell the cocoa / dark chocolate note that can appear in some patchoulis. Even though it is not in the notes, to me there is also oxidized/sour honey, almost going into the liquorous sweeter kind of mead (not the bubbly, fresh, beer-y mead, which you can smell on L'Envol). A simple and coloured bottle like Happy by Clinique and a summer name & promotion would have been more appropriate. You could wear this fragrance as a man and not commit any major taboos. To my nose this fragrance smells like a well-dressed lady in her 50's or 60's who wears this on a chilly fall or winter day.anyway, this is a must have it category now This is a review of the parfum extrait (not the edp).I suspect that the parfum version of this has different composition from the original EDT which I had years ago. It has some ingrediens - they making me horny lol - sorry to say it but all I feel in it is smells of lovers and sex. she was obsessed about it and I totally agree with her. I don't have the sophistication or knowledge of notes that many of you have, so therefore my articulation may fall somewhat short and without much flair. same opening, same boozy caramel like Amaretto Lime opening. Only difference however, Montale's is FAR more potent and long lasting and stays one dimensional without changing or evolving over time.Exotic and intense, it will transport you into the world of fairytale dragons, princesses and princes.

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Similar feeling, but worlds apart if you know what I mean.For instance, there is no almond in the parfum version, the note pyramid seems less overall. Although sexy and memorable in a sense, it belongs to that era of 80s, 90s. The only thing kept me always away of proper test of this product was a bottle. Red, color looked heavy for me since I have looked and I was affraid of sthg really unpleasure. I get almond, chocolate, woods, and booze on my wrist with this one. This scent is perfect for me today - raining, raining, raining, typical San Francisco weather that casts a gloomy view when looking out a window. Wonderful would be kind enough to nibble on my ear, the day would end perfectly. Cartier's softens quickly into a sweet Almond like Vanilla vibe. stores carried it, i thought it was discontinued or something..It starts with bergamot and wood on me, I can definitely detect iris in here. This is more of a floral woody musky scent with a touch of spice, there is nothing gourmand in here. I found this a LOT like Jesus Pozo's In Black and Cartier Delices. I'm considering swapping, but I'd like to try in winter. Bought a vintage edp for the upcoming fall and winter Perfume have in composition amaretto but in my opinion it is a whiskey more like. For the evening out like banquets, galas, opera etc ... I will not buy a bottle, they are not the perfume of my type Iris and musk gives me warm and sthg sexy... Strangely, I felt like wearing something different this evening, something a bit dramatic with a twist. He does like this one, so my chances are good to excellent that he will. I was seduced to try this perfume for its top 3 notes listed here.As it smells on me today, wonderful, unusual gourmand which I would very much like to own. In the article up here are mentioned (writing) oranges and citruses, and actually I can sense a lot of zesty note here, but between the notes list (pictures) there are no oranges or citruses. Because Cedar seems to be the main note, more than vetiver, to me. Ok, yes, maybe the drydown is more masculine because reminds me a penny arcade/recreation rooms of the 80s. She walks into her office where she is surrounded by photos of her comfortably middle class family arranged tastefully around her desk.

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--- Jan 2017: On me, a strange dry floral with musk and resins. Well, we know Maisons make a free abuse of notes here, except neroli which is mor flowery than so fresh... Anyway I just say so to affirm that despite of the sweet/warm notes listed I find this scent also very fresh, pungent, almost balsamic. Maybe she's a realtor; she definitely drives a Lexus or an Infiniti. As a 25 year old man it doesn't seem to fit me but I do appreciate it for what it is.

It was a hot day, and I just decided to stop by at costco after work.

Get ready for me love, 'cause I'm a "comer" I simply gotta march, my heart's a drummer Don't bring around a cloud to rain on my parade, I'm gonna live and live now! … continue reading »

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