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But what strikes me is the incredible combination of this utterly ludicrous, anti-scientific belief in the Flat Earth; with his demonstrable status as an extremely skillful guy, basically a rocket scientist. ;-) And if you think about Mike Hughes, "rocket scientist" looks like an insult, indeed.

Missy Cooper, Sheldon's twin sister (whom we currently know as a cute girl in Young Sheldon as well – I actually think that the girl looks significantly smarter than the adult Missy and must have absorbed some of young Sheldon's wisdom so there is a mismatch between the two sitcoms LOL), has told her brother that she often brags that her brother is a rocket scientist. Hughes would be an excellent example for the Darwin Award – the Darwin Award is given to the people who kill themselves under such remarkably stupid circumstances that their stupidity proven in this way guarantees that their de facto suicide has increased the average IQ of the mankind, and therefore the ability of the human race to succeed in the Darwinian struggle for survival.

Now, if the Earth is flat, this equator must be a regular circle inside a flat plane, right? It must be a pole which, as you can figure out, is approximately equally far from all points on the equator. If you are Mike Hughes (whose IQ has been increased by 50 points), you will probably decide that the center of this circle is the Northern Pole – there's stronger evidence that the Arctic is about equally far from all points along the equator.

It's obvious that as you go closer to the poles, the lengths should shrink, so the cylinder gets compactified to a sphere.Can someone be so entirely dense when it comes to science – even basic schoolkid's science – but be so skillful at engineering at the same moment?Can his insane scientific view be explained by some quasi-religious belief?You will see that all directions are represented – every city sees the celestial bodies in a different direction – which also proves that the Earth isn't flat because the direction would have to be the same everywhere if the Earth were flat. The (spinning) ball Earth is difficult for the Saudi clerics, of course.

Now, if he really believes that the Earth is flat, what does he think about all these arguments or facts? Is it conspiracy that you must adjust your watch because there are different time zones?

You can draw the local, basically flat, maps of the smaller regions such as Europe and try to connect them into a master map of the flat world.